History of 2418 (Sherwood) Squadron...

The history of 2418 (Sherwood) Squadron is an on-going cadet project and we hope to populate this area with information as we collate it.

We would be particularly interested to hear from anyone with information about the Squadron's history, no matter how small a piece of information it might be. The cadets will then use this and other research they are conducting to assemble a complete story.

Old photographs and stories that local people would help bring the Squadron's history to life.

If you believe you have any information or photographs that we might copy, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Guy Rotherham : 1992 - 1996

As an ex-Cadet, I wanted to congratulate you on the great site you have started building for 2418 (Sherwood) Squadron ATC. I started with 2418 at 14 as a probationer, January 1992, and made it to Flt Sgt before I left in September 1996 to go to Loughbourough University with a bursary where I joined EMUAS (East Midlands University Air Squadron).

Within a couple of years I had changed directions in my life and I ended up emmigrating to the USA. I now live in Connecticut, working within the Aerospace industry as an engineering consultant for a software company.

Paul Evans : 1981 - 1988

I joined the squadron in 1981 at the tender age of 13 and a half, and stayed in uniform until I was forced to "retire" at the grand old age of 20. I then took a 12 month break, and returned to the fold as a C.I. where I remained for a further 18 months before transferring to 504 squadron.

I reached the dizzying heights of cadet corporal, and achieved the staff cadet classification. I also have the dubious honour, of being the first ever cadet to hospitalise an adult warrant officer during a parade night. The incident took place during a sports evening, and it was a staff v cadet's murder ball game. If this game is unfamiliar to you, it is a cross between British Bulldog, and Rugby. I went to tackle the WO, but mistimed it, and ended up breaking his leg in 3 places.