Life as a Cadet - Air Experience Flying

I woke up a little earlier than normal as today was going to be a special day. As I was taking a shower, I thought "I'm lucky to be flying on my birthday!". None of my friends and family could believe that I was actually going to be flying. I was so excited that I didn't have a very good sleep the night before.

Grob Tutor Image I met up with my fellow Cadets at Squadron at roughly 1045. Like me, it was an early rise (for a Saturday) for some people and it showed. Not long after arriving we set off on our to RAF Cranwell, Linconshire. RAF Cranwell is the home of the RAF and the Air Cadet Organisation and we are fortunate enough to do our Air Experience Flying there.

As we arrived at RAF Cranwell, I spotted a line of Grob Tutors on the taxiway. It was a nice sight. Having parked up we made our way to the Cadet briefing room. All Cadets have to watch a briefing video prior to flying. Soon after I was was in my flight suit and waiting in the 'Departure Lounge'. It didn't take long for the staff to prep the aircraft and it wasn't long before I found myself sat in the aircraft waiting to taxi down Runway 19.

The pilot moved the throttle and within seconds we were speeding down Runway 19 and into the air. The view was brilliant and I could see for miles were ever I looked. During the flight we hit a bit of turbulence, but I wasn't scared. We were cruising at an altitude of 8,000 feet when all of a sudden I was pushed into my seat as the pilot made some step banked turns. It g-force felt strange but was really exciting.

The 20 minute flight literally flew in and I soon found myself back on the ground watching 'Hot Shots' in the holding room. All of a sudden I heard "Happy Birthday to you...." and I thought to myself "huh?". How could I forget it was my birthday? I blew the candles out and we all tucked in to some cake. It was a great day!!

Article by Cdt Taylor