Life as a Cadet - AEG

The first activity I did as a Cadet was Air Experience Gliding (AEG) at RAF Syerston. I jumped at the opportunity when it came around and none of my friends or family could believe that I was actually going to go gliding. I was so exited and could hardly sleep the night before.

Grob Viking T1 Image It was an early rise as it was an early departure from Squadron. RAF Syerston is only about 12 miles from Nottingham so we didn't have that far to travel. Upon arrival we made our way to the AEG Squadron building. We were not waiting around for long as soon after arriving we had already had our flying brief and changed into our flying overalls. I was one of the lucky few who got a lift to the airfield in the jeep whilst the others went in a minibus. I wasn't expecting to see an old RAF aircraft to the side of the runway which I recognised to be a Jaguar. It was just the shell of the aircraft but it was great to get up close to it.

I had to wait around for a bit whilst the other Cadets went up for their flight. After about an hour out in the airfield it was finally my go. I put on the parachute I was given and strapped myself into the glider seat. My stomach had butterflies in it as we finally got moving down the runway. I was finally in the air! The pilot explained the controls to me and then all of a sudden I heard the words "You have control" from the pilot. I had no time to think, so I quickly took control of the aircraft and replied "I have control sir!".

Article by Cdt Godrich