Cadet Classification...

First Class Cadet First Class Cadet
A cadet is certified 1st Class on passing examinations in first aid, the history of the RAF and ATC, weapons handling (.22 No.8 rifle), basic airmanship, initial expedition training, and communications. All of these examinations are set within the Squadron. On passing their 1st Class, a cadet will receive a four pointed star to wear on their brassard. [click for further information]

Leading Cadet Leading Cadet
On becoming 1st Class, a Cadet will become eligible to begin his or her Leading cadet training. During this training, Cadets will learn about Advanced Airmanship, Basic Navigation and Principles of Flight. Twice yearly, Cadets will get the chance to sit an exam in all these subjects , set by HQAC (Headquarters Air Cadets). After passing all three subjects, cadets will receive a badge with an embroidered four-bladed propeller. After qualifying to be Leading, a Cadet may start his or her Senior Cadet Training. [click for further information]

Senior Cadet Senior Cadet
After gaining the Leading Cadet qualification, cadets are eligible to start training for the senior classification. This takes the form of training in two subjects, one from the set of compulsory subjects, the other chosen by the individual cadet.
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Staff Cadet Staff Cadet
The Staff Cadet examination is split into two parts, which can only be taken at 15 and 16 years of age respectively. The first of these is very much like the Senior examination, except two different subjects must be chosen. The second part of the examination consists of an assessment of teaching ability, and a verbal examination on more detailed knowledge of the Corps. This examination is usually conducted by a member of Wing staff. On passing both parts of this examination, cadets wear a yellow lanyard on the left arm, with no classification badge on the brassard. [click for further information]