2418 Cadets crazy for Cricket

Cadets Flight Sergeant Saffron Green, Sergeant Fraser Sanders and Cadet James Hudson attended the England vs New Zealand match at Nottingham cricket ground to volunteer for the day. With them all having experienced volunteering at a cricket match before (England vs India last year) they knew they were in for a treat. Filled with excitement they set off nice and early to be a part of the loud and happy community within the cricket ground to contribute to the smooth running of the day, representing the Air Training Corps.

2418 cadets along with many were very fortunate to able to watch the cricket match throughout the day which for Sergeant Sanders was a huge highlight as he commented "I love cricket and opportunities like these give us the chance to watch firsthand the game and understand what happens behind the scene".

From 11 o'clock till late at night, 2418 cadets kept the enthusiasm and smiles on their faces as they wished everyone a good night on their way out of the grounds. Cadet Hudson commented on the day saying "Despite it being a long day I am still happy and excited to be here, the cheerful and high spirits of each person at the cricket has made this day very enjoyable and I am looking forward to going to the Ashes, later on this year."

Cadet Flight Sergeant Saffron Green - Posted 14 July 2015