2418 INCO's Feb 2015

Recently 2 cadets from 2418 Sherwood Squadron went on there initial NCO course. The course contained aspects such as drill, inspections and lessons. We arrived on Friday night for an introduction before standing up and giving a short speech about who we were and our careers so far within the cadet organisation. We had to prepare a 10 minute lesson on a subject of our choice which was to be delivered to a small group of about 5, including an assessor.

We had to create a lesson plan along with any training aids we desired. The course was very beneficial and we learned what it takes to be a good NCO. Cadet Eve Thurgood said "The course was hard and there was a lot of pressure, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

The course gave each cadet the chance to show their confidence and leadership skills which were marked throughout the weekend. We will be receiving a report on our performance in due time and await the outcome of the course.

Posted 16 March 2015, Cadet R Oldknow