Multiple Marvellous Marksman's for 2418

2418 regularly attend a mid-week once shoot once a month at Wigman Road. Wednesday was a fantastic evening for 2418 as they achieved 6 marksmans.

Corporal Thurgood said "I love shooting and Wednesdays are a great night to collect marksmans. Every time I go, I strive to get a marksman and Wednesday was no different."

Cadet Hudson said "Tonight I achieved a squadron and region marksman, I'm over the moon with my progress with shooting. It's taken me a while but I think I have finally mastered my technique to shooting."

Warrant Officer Bates says "I can see the enthusiasm from the cadets every time we go shooting. They want to go home knowing they have a marksman on the way for their brassard. On Wednesday we had smiles all around from the cadets who achieved marksman's and a positive attitude to going again."

Cadets are looking forward to the next shoot on Saturday to collect more marksmans.

FS Saffron Green - Posted 19 November 2015