2418 NNAS walk in 2015

Recently 14 Cadets from 2418 Sherwood Squadron went on a NNAS walk. The walk helped us learn new skills such as map reading, taking compass bearings and leading the team through sections of our walk. This gave every cadet the chance to lead and help develop, courage and leadership skills that we can use outside of cadets. The walk started at around 8am in the morning and finished at 3pm.

In my opinion I thought the walk wasn't difficult, however we had to keep pacings and timings, so everybody learnt something new and spirits were high throughout the day. When the teams reached the lunch point, they had a chance to reflect on the day so far and after some well-deserved food and water, we were all ready to tackle the next part of the walk. The second half of the day was just as good as the first but after learning all the necessary skills, we were all experts for this last section of the walk.

The day overall was a great success and all thoroughly enjoyed it. Cadet Ellis added "It was a great day and I really enjoyed learning all the new skills"

Posted 16 March 2015, Cadet K Jones