2418 take a trip to Derbyshire


On a fine Sunday morning, 2418 cadets assembled to take part in a day walk around the Derbyshire Dales, organised by Flt Lt Wheeler. It was a fun day ahead of them all, despite the early start, moral and spirits were high, along with the banter!

It started off pretty cold and the clouds were dark and the mist was low, but we began, maps in hand. "The sights were incredible at the top of the hill, the cold was worth it" said Cadet (CDT) Sealy. At the halfway point, we reached a cafè, yet this was no ordinary cafè, it was a walker's cafè at Grindleford Railway Station, where the food was good and the portions were HUGE! After lunch was devoured, the cadets continued on the last section of their walk, the view once again astonishing us all, many a photos were taken, many a profile pictures were taken.

Overall it was an amazing day that was had by all, FS Saffron Green added, "I thoroughly enjoyed the day, the views were immense, quite breath taking at times, I wont be hesitating to attend the next organised day walk."


Cadet Flight Sergeant Fraser Sanders - Posted 19 November 2015