2418 attend wing hockey

When we arrived at RAF Cranwell we met loads of cadets from different squadrons and we introduced ourselves, then we met with a flight sergeant from a different squadron who gave us some warm ups to do e.g. running around the pitch 3 times then doing some stretches. After that we got into groups of 3&4s and did some passing exercises, and then we dribbled the ball through a slalom then passing the ball while running. Ma'am was telling us techniques to improve our hockey skills such as keeping control of the ball.

In the afternoon we were split up into two teams and we played a quick match to see where we would play if we got on the team. Followed by some goal shooting and while there ma'am was watching to see who should be a part of the team. The weather got worse so unfortunately we had to stop with our match so we all took a picture and said our goodbyes and flight sergeant kitchingham took us back to the squadron.

Posted 15 April 2015