First steps for 2418 cadets

Recently promoted NCOs standing side by sideCadets from 2418 (Sherwood) Squadron have begun their journey to hopefully be part of the 2016 Nijmegen march.

The Nijmegen march is the largest marching event in the world in which cadets will walk 100 miles in 4 days. Their journey for selection has started at Glenfield squadron for the first training session of the Wing road marching team for 2016.

The day started with some training, covering topics ranging from kit to first aid. Following this, the 38 cadets formed up for the days 15 mile march.

The march took the cadets out through Glenfield where we reached the first stop at 3 miles. Spirits were high as we reached the first hills, which were dealt with using marching songs and hard work. After a stop at the train station, the route took the cadets out to Bradgate Park and after marching through they reached the final rest stop, with about 5 miles left to march. Despite tired legs, everyone made it back to Glenfield squadron.

Flt Sgt Holmes said

I've wanted to do Nijmegen ever since I joined so to start the training is great; I can't wait for the next training session.

Issued on 13/10/2016