Parent/Guardian Information

As the parent/guardian of a potential cadet you will no doubt have numerous questions to ask that you would like answers to. This section has been created to provide as much information as possible to these questions. We've done our best to provide answers to the most common of questions asked but if you feel that you would like an answer to a question(s) that we have not covered then please do not hesitate in contacting us.

What is the ATC?

The Air Training Corps is a national voluntary youth organisation designed to develop the qualities of young people. It is sponsored by the Royal Air Force and provides challenging aviation, adventurous and community activities.

Why join 2418 (Sherwood) Sqn?

2418 (Sherwood) Sqn is a very active squadron and we can guarantee that there is something that your son/daughter will enjoy. Current Cadets are involved in exciting and sometimes very active activities virtually every weekend. Your child will have the opportunity to enjoying air experience flying at RAF Cranwell, gliding, annual camp at an RAF base as well as various stimulating adventure and sporting activities. This is just a small portion of the opportunities available at our squadron but we can assure you that on joining our squadron your child will have an enjoyable social life, learn personal skills that can be transferable into the school/work environment and to top it off the opportunity to make many new life long friends.

Will my child be safe?

Cadet safety is of paramount importance to our squadron and that of the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO). All adult staff within the ACO are subject to an in-dept Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) and security check as part of their application process. We would like to put your mind at ease by confirming that ALL our adult staff have had these checks and have passed without any complications or concern.

We only let Cadets participate in activities that are supervised by suitably qualified staff. Some activities require Cadets to undergo training. Prior to participation in such an activity Cadets are required to demonstrate to staff they have a sufficient understanding and competence.

How much does it cost?

Like all other squadrons within the Air Training Corps, we do not receive financial backing and as a result we undertake various fund raising schemes throughout the year. Cadets at our squadron are expected to pay a subscription of 50p each parade night. This contribution may seem small but over time the funds do add up and they help subsidise numerous squadron activities throughout the year.

There aren't many but there may be times throughout the year were Cadets will be asked to make a contriution towards an activity (e.g. annual camp). These costs are minimal (approx. cost for a week on annual camp is 45.00) and help to cover transport costs, dining, entrance fees etc. We do understand the difficulty some may have in making this contribution and assistance can be given. Fun and exciting activities are what our squadron is about and we strongly belive that no Cadet should be denied this. The Squadron Commanding Officer is more than happy to discuss (in confidence) financial assistance relating to squadron activities to those who may require it.

Do I have to buy a uniform?

We are a uniformed youth organisation and your child will be required to wear a uniform. The uniform adopted by the ATC is identical to that of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and this will be provided to your child free of charge but you may have to purchase footwear. Don't worry, we will let you know what type of footwear to buy and where purchases can be made. As long as your child is a member of our squadron we will keep them supplied with larger sizes as they grow. Wear and tear is inevitable but all we ask is that the uniform is looked after, kept in good condition and handed back to us at time of replacement.