Potential Adult Staff Information

Fighter Jet Experience Flight Image There are a number of uniformed and non-uniformed roles for adults. As an adult you can join the ATC as a Civilian Instructor and even become a uniformed Officer. You do not need to be ex-Services to have the skills to make a difference.

All staff are volunteers. Each Squadron or Unit is led by Commissioned Officers from the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch). Within the Air Training Corps they are supported by Adult Warrant Officers with Civilian Instructors completing the team.

Staff members are drawn from all backgrounds and walks of life. There may well be some ex-Service men and women amongst the staff but that is not a requirement. It is not uncommon to discover Sales Assistants, Police Officers, Students, Trainer, IT Workers, Unemployed, Council Staff, Businessmen... you could easily find yourself working alongside and making new friends with people who have all sorts of skills and talents.

Expand Your Horizons Image Whether your interest is in aviation, sport or travelling; whether you have a mountain leaders certificate, gliding wings or no formal qualifications if you want to assist the Air Cadets to develop self-confidence, qualities of leadership and good citizenship you will be amongst good company. If you've got a sense of adventure and a few hours to spare, you can help us help young people realise their potential.

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