100 miles in 4 days

On the 13th July Flight Sergeant (FS) Stocks joined the rest of the South and East Midlands Wing road marching team to fly to Holland. They aimed to complete the 103rd annual Nijmegen March, which is 4 days of walking 25 miles.

The first day of marches started before dawn and the team had very high moral, once finished there was a feeling confident and pride that they have just walked the first day of Nijmegen. One of the hardest parts of the march was the struggle to get out of bed each morning to the freezing cold and to mentally prepare for the 8 or more hours of walking that you'd do each day. Day 4 started and the team was thrilled to know they only had 25 miles left to walk. They raced to the finish where they received their medals and waited for the march past to begin.

Overall, FS Stocks loved the whole experience and said that "I felt proud when the locals in cheered for us as we passed through the town's, making the sense of accomplishment feel real". Nijmegen is looked upon as one of the most challenging and difficult things that a cadet in the RAFAC can do. This added to the overall feeling of pride that the whole of the team experienced as they crossed the finish line. The four days could be described as unimaginable or surreal due to the atmosphere that is created by the local support for all the military marching teams.