Annual Camp - Swynnerton

What did you do over half-term? Here's what some of our cadets got up to! The Royal Air Force Air Cadets offers out many annual camps throughout the year that happen at different times offering cadets a completely different experience to what they would usually experience at their squadrons. Some of the camps vary in the different uniforms and the various activities depending on what your personal preference is. The South and East Midlands wing annual camp is called Swynnerton which took place over the recent half-term. Seven cadets and three members of staff from 2418 Sherwood Squadron spent the week at DTE Swynnerton in Staffordshire with many others from around the wing.

The first main day you will spend meeting your new “flight”. You will spend your first main day doing icebreakers to get to know other cadet names and who they are. Following on from the first day, once you've gotten to know your flight. You will then carry on your week doing many different activities throughout the week which may not all be in uniform. You could be going kayaking, raft building, or you could even choose to go mountain biking around the whole training area. Other activities/events which you can get yourself involved in could be a leadership task where each in the group will tackle a task and you’ve got to use the leadership skills you learn and or already know to help your team get through the task to earn points. Other tasks could also include a first aid based one where you will arrive at a scenario and have to be able to provide quick, efficient and effective first aid to all the “casualties” and work as a team to get it all done. This can be very fast paced but also very fun. This year at Swynnerton clay pigeon shooting was also involved, and the cadets were able to be trained and were able to shoot shotguns at clay pigeons in the hope to win more points for their team.

One of the many activities is called “Swynnerton Storm”, in which this placed the cadets in a whole scenario, role play kind of mission in which they were in their teams and were given ration packs and had to complete specific missions. This task went on for two days working with the staff on the exercises and also learning many new tactics including camouflage cream to work on their concealment in the fields which not only teaches you a lot of things but is also quite fun too. The last main day before leaving to go home is just a full fun day of all the activities throughout the week combined to enable the cadets to earn some more last minute points towards their group. 

For one of the corporals from 2418, this was his first experience of Swynnerton, and he said: “It was an amazing week filled with fun activities and competitions that really made you friends with your flight” - Corporal C Walter.

Corporal M Neale