Athletics 2018

Recently, 22 cadets from 2418(Sherwood) squadron travelled to compete in the South and East Midlands wing athletics competition. For some cadets of 2418, this was their first major event representing the squadron. The squadron spent weeks training, perfecting five fields and six track events. As we arrived, the day went off without a hitch, and 2418 participated in all the events with one hundred percent effort. Some of our cadets were asked to represent the wing in the regional competition. For cadet Terrell, it was his first time going to a wing event, and after speaking to him, he said: “it was a wonderful event, and I hope I will be on the team next year”. For one of 2418’s senior cadets, the day was made even more special on final parade. Flight Sergeant Hudson; having won all of his events, was presented with the Victor trophy, as sportsman of the day. 2418 won the men’s category came third in the youths and boys categories and were placed third overall. The whole day was a great success for 2418, living up to our title as Nottingham’s number one.
Cadet J Sherwin