First time flying

Five cadets from 2418 went to RAF Cranwell for Air Experience Flying. The day consists of a briefing, kit issuing and ground school. Before flying the cadets must understand the safety procedures and how to assume control of the aircraft. The cadet will then go to the aircraft where they will meet their pilot. The cadet will then spend around 20 minutes in the air, learning basic controls and aerobatics. These include barrel rolls, stall turns and loops. Although they feel a little frightening, they are also very exhilarating. The cadet can also do blue wings if they want, which will give more opportunities. While flying, the view is fantastic as you can see for miles. The pilot may also let them take control of the aircraft, which is very memorable as it makes the cadet feel proud, and it is something to remember.
To sum up the first time a cadet flies, they would say that it is a very memorable, proud and fun experience and can be one of many more flights.

Corporal Picksley