Lead from the front

Cadet Sergeant Stocks travelled to RAF Wittering to participate in a Non-Commissioned Officer(NCO) leadership training weekend, along with 11 other NCOs from across the wing. The weekend consisted of many lessons regarding leadership styles, personality traits as well as how to deal with stressful and important situations. Additionally, the cadets learnt fieldcraft techniques such as patrolling, setting up shelters and how to cook using ration packs. Throughout the weekend, the NCOs were asked to take the leader role and complete a task with their team. Towards the end of the training weekend, on Sunday, the NCOs were given a paper test to see what they remembered from the ongoing lessons. If the NCOs achieved over 80% on both the test as well as the leadership exercise, they received the silver badge in leadership. Overall, Sergeant Stocks really enjoyed the leadership weekend and would completely recommend the course to any cadet.

2418 Media team