Overseas opportunities

One cadet from 2418 (Sherwood) Squadron travelled to Napier Barracks to join 40 other cadets for the once in a lifetime opportunity of travelling to the British Army’s Sennelager Garrison.

On the first day, the cadets travelled to the Wewelsburg castle museum which is regarded to be the home of the SS and their ideology. Then they travelled to the Möhne dam, which is the dam that the dam busters destroyed. For the next two days, the cadets stayed at the British Möhnesee Sail Training Centre. Throughout these two days, the cadets learnt how to sail and stand up paddle board as well as having free time out on the water. Additionally, they cycled a 24Km route around the lakes and dam. The next day’s activities included going to the bomb disposal unit at the Garrison, visiting the medic’s centre for lessons on first aid and visiting the Challenger II’s. The cadets loved the tank unit as they were allowed to have a go on some of the simulators that the Army use to train their tank gunners as well as having a tour around and in one of the tanks. For the cadets’ penultimate day, they went to a swimming pool as well as going to a high ropes course. On the final full day in Sennelager, the cadets travelled to a theme park to enjoy the summer heat as well as celebrating the end of an amazing camp. In the evenings of the camp, the cadets had activities such as; a movie night, going to an ice-cream parlour, going to a Garman shopping centre, going to a Chinese buffet and going to a bowling alley. The camp was thought of by many cadets as the best one they have ever done as well as the best one that they’ll ever do.


Sergeant W Stocks

2418 (Sherwood) Squadron