Robin Hood Marathon 2019

On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September, members of 2418 Sherwood squadron accompanied other volunteers of the community in helping out at the Robin Hood Marathon. The Robin Hood Marathon is an event organised by Ikano bank and consists of a mile run challenge on Saturday, for those who would like to challenge their speed to run a mile. On Sunday, a mini-marathon for those who may be running for fun or would like to run a shorter distance but still enjoy a run, followed by the half marathon with participants from all around the country.

Helping out with the Robin Hood Marathon is beneficial for the cadets as it gives the cadets a chance to give back to the community that they live. They had to team effectively and efficiently, having to prioritise specific tasks first to ensure that the event ran smoothly and as intended.

On Saturday four cadets helped out at the collection tent to give the runners their numbers and race packs ready for the next day and the mile run challenge. The next day consisted of the half marathon and the mini-marathon. The cadets had to use time efficiently to unpack the medals in time for the first runners completing the race. When the runners came in, all the cadets had smiles on their faces which made the racers feel accomplished after running the races. Corporal Hallam-Rudd said that his highlight of the weekend was when a runner dressed as wonder woman crossed the line. Being able to smile after completing a half marathon and still having the moral congratulate the other runners was a sight to see.

Corporal Hallam-Rudd