Solo Time

Cadet Flight Seargent (FS) Stocks will spend two weeks at Tayside Aviation. FS Stocks is one of 186 cadets, on the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme(ACPS) which is designed to take a non-flying cadet to a standard where they can fly solo. He was loving every second of it as he built up more flying hours.

After the course finished, FS Stocks' view has changed drastically, it's gone from wind and rain to sun and heat. The last week of the course has been extremely challenging for both instructors as well as the students. In just 5 days, the course of 4 students went from very little flying experience to passing exams, flying circuits and then, eventually, they all flew solo. This is the first time in months that a course of 4 have all flown solo and it's even rarer that they all did it in less than their allocated 12 hours of flight time. FS Stocks is one of under 100 Air Cadets to fly solo due to this scholarship. He said "This scholarship is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is the best thing that I have ever done in my Air Cadets career. I cannot recommend this course enough, as you will never regret going to Tayside Aviation."