Inter-Flight Competition

Inter-Flight Competition Rules

The Inter-Flight competition points can be attained from Attendance, Inspections, Squadron Representation, Training Syllabus. Points gained will also go towards best cadet of the month. 


For every night you a parade night you will gain points for your Flight. If you do not attend a parade night but you have emailed in you absence you will be marked as Authorised absence.


Attendance in uniform 5 points
Attendance no uniform 2 points
Authorised absence 1 points
Non-authorised absence 0 points


There will be one major inspection conducted each month throughout the year on your uniform. You can get a maximum of 25 points per inspection per cadet for your flight. These 25 points are broken down into 5 categories.


(5 points being excellent 1 being poor. 25 points being excellent 5 being poor)
Beret maximum 5 points minimum 1 point 
Brassard maximum 5 points minimum 1 point
Shirt/jumper maximum 5 points minimum 1 point
Trousers/skirt maximum 5 points minimum 1 point
Shoes maximum 5 points minimum 1 point

Squadron Representation

If you represent the squadron at any event e.g. collections, sport events, parades, camps etc. (wing field day wing sports and wing swimming do not count as these are compulsory)
All gain points for you flight if you are then selected to represent wing, region or corps more point will be awarded.


Squadron representation 5 points
Wing representation 10 points
Region representation 25 points
Corps representation 50 points

Training Syllabus

The Aviation Syllabus and Progressive Training Syllabus have similar weighting in points.


Blue badge and Leading cadet exam 5 points
Bronze badge and Senior cadet exam 10 points
Silver badge and Master cadet exam 25 points
Gold badge and MOI 50 points