Adventure Training

Venture, Adventure

The RAFAC motto is “Venture, Adventure”. Adventure Training within the RAFAC is a huge part of what we are. This means that a cadet will have many chances to learn new skills and sports that a regular teenager would not normal have the opportunity to. For example, the training will range from just a short lesson about rock climbing, all the way up to spending a week in Wales taking part in adrenaline sports. Additionally, a cadet may be able to gain a qualification in the sport of their choice, which would allow them to have the opportunity to teach and instruct other cadets within that sport.

Something for everyone

There is a wide range of adventurous activities to get stuck into, so if climbing isn't for you perhaps canoeing is. Everything you do is supervised by qualified trainers who will ensure you get the most out of it. Between local activities and visits to camps, you will have the chance to experience kayaking, hill walking, camping, caving, mountain biking, offshore sailing and winter sports to name just a few.