Squadron Level Camps

Our squadrons runs two annual camps; Easter and Christmas.Throughout easter camp, you will be in constant competition with the other flight, trying to gain as many points as possible through activities and other things. The points will then all count towards the final day where there is usually an egg hunt. During christmas camps, you may go bowling, the pantomime and also go back the the ssqn where you will play games, watch movies and get food.

Camp types

Greens - swynnerton (wing camp) 1 week camp in greens and civvies, everything from mountain biking to shooting over the course of the week, big competition between flights the whole week

Blues - Blues camps consist of the more formal side of the RAFAC. This means that you stay on an active RAF station and visit the squadrons that operate from that station. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to practice your drill and some of the more academic skills that the RAFAC has to offer.

Civvies - These camps are mainly adventure training camps, these can be Fairbourne or Lambedr these camps don’t require any uniform from the cadets as most of the time they will be in normal civilian clothing doing many different activities from climbing to mountain biking etc.

SQN- these camps usually happen at easter and christmas, where we as a sqn will do activities such as mountain biking, egg hunts, ice skating, bowling etc. These camps are usually in civvies, however, uniform can sometimes be incorporated.

International - a cadet has the chance to visit many different countries through the RAFAC. For example, you could go stay at a NATO Army barracks in Germany and get tours of the challenger tanks there. As well as, boating on the Möhne Reservoir - which is the dam that the Dam Busters blew up.

IACE - Inter-national air cadet exchange, go and live in another country for a certain amount of time and see how their air cadets work, Australia, new zealand, canada, usa, singapore, germany, france, south korea, belgium, china, israel, japan, netherlands, switzerland, hong kong, turkey