Drill is taught to you in your initial cadet training but will also be taught and used throughout your cadet career. The purpose of drill is “to move a group of people from point A to point B in a smart and uniformed manner”, but it also teaches you self-discipline as you have to stand still in a certain position and not move for short periods of time. When you are proficient enough at drill you will have the opportunity to attend annual parades with other squadrons and cadet forces throughout the year. Some examples would be the Albert Ball parade, this is held at Nottingham Castle each year in remembrance to Albert Ball who was Nottinghamshires best fighter pilot in the first world war, and the Battle of Britain Parade which is held in the Old Market Square in the City Centre as well as annual Remembrance Sunday Parades on the Victoria Embankment and in Muggington.

Drill enables you as a cadet to attend the annual Drill and Ceremonial Camp held at RAF Waddington in which you will meet cadets from the entire Corps as well as perform a parade in front of the Commandant Air Cadets and the Station Commander of RAF Waddington. In addition to this camp you can attend the Cadet Drill Instructors Course, this course is a weekend course held at RAF Wittering which teaches cadet NCOs to teach drill effectively.