First Aid

Morbi in sem

In the RAFAC, there are a variety of courses a cadet can partake in, starting with the Heart Start course, which is usually completed early on in one’s cadet career. This course consists of learning the basics of first aid, such as resuscitation, CPR and the recovery position. Another common course is the 16hr Youth First Aid Course (YFA), in which cadets look into first aid situations in more detail, including how to talk to patients and the emergency services, shock, bleeding, burns/scalds, choking, head injuries and many more. Finally at the end of the course, cadets must successfully complete the assessment. Not only do both these courses earn the cadets badges on their brassard, but they can prove to be extremely useful in real life situations.

On wing field day the first aid competition will consist of waiting in the waiting room where you will then be called forward. There you will be briefed on the situation, where you will then go into the room and follow DRs ABC, and then look for the patients suited to your strong point e.g. CPR, bandaging etc. You will be marked throughout the time allowance which will count as your overall score for that sector of WFD.