Morbi in sem

  • BTEC - there are many btecs available for the air cadets. Btecs are another form of qualification that you can write on your CV and range from level 1-5- where level 1-3 is designed for ages 13-18 and 4-5 designed for ages 19+. some courses available to the air cadets are level 1 in teamwork and personal skills for uniformed youth organisations, level 2 in music for practical performance, level 3 in leadership and management. These are all part of the cvqo organisation. However there is also the aviation Btec which you get through progressing through the qualification system- junior cadet, second class, first class, leading, senior, master.

  • First aid - neale/everyone for yfa

    • Heartstart - Learn CPR and basic first aid

    • YFA - 16 hour course covering all aspects of first aid including how to talk to patients and give relevant information to the emergency services. Watch videos required and also have an assessment at the end of the course covering all you have learned

  • Radio - when completing your radio qualification, you will attend lessons to get your knowledge up and then once you are ready, you will have a test where you will speak to someone else by using the correct terms and

  • PPL - Within the RAFAC there is a chance that you can obtain your full Private Pilots License. This is done by completing two or more very intense and competitive flying scholarships.

  • moi/teaching - A cadet has the chance to learn how to become an effective teacher. In the RAFAC there is an opportunity for a cadet to gain a teaching qualification. This qualification is within cadets but is hugely beneficial to the individual.