Road Marching

Morbi in sem

In the Air Cadets, there is an opportunity to partake in some road marching. Road marching is a physical and mental challenge that builds unit cohesion. Within our wing (South and East Midlands), the cadets will start training in early January. They will continue up until the Nijmegen 4 day marches in July. Throughout the training, the cadets will increase the distance that they are walking each practice until they reach the required 25 miles a day pace. The training process consists of 3 smaller two-day marches. The first one is used to see whether a cadet can handle consecutive days of marching and is, therefore, able to continue the training. The next two-day march is RAF WARMA this takes place at RAF Cosford and is used to qualify the cadets into the Wing road marching team and to continue to Nijmegen. The final two-day march is the Waendel Walk which is only a total of 40 miles, whereas the other two day marches are a total of 50 miles each. In July the team travels to Holland to join 44,000 other walkers for the Nijmegen 4 day marches. Nijmegen is 100 miles spread over four days in up to 35-degree heat.